Welcome to the Charlie Bone blog!

Hello, and welcome to the Charlie Bone blog. Charlie Bone is the central character in the Children of The Red King series by Jenny Nimmo, and for many years, was ignored and maligned as a copycat of the popular (and terrible) Harry Potter series.

Yet, what most people fail to realize is that Charlie Bone, far from being a Harry Potter look-alike, is about a young boy who discovers that he has a magical endowment and is forced to attend a school of fine arts, where he meets a group of other endowed children like him.

As of right now, there is a small but growing following of the series (in terms of fan art and fan fiction) as well as a growing demand for recognition of the Charlie Bone books, not to mention a movie made from the books.

Until this happens, please feel free to visit this blog!

Disclaimer This blog is based on the “Children of the Red King” Series by Jenny Nimmo and I own only the fanfiction characters.

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