Here Come the Main Characters!

  1. Manfred Bloor: Former head boy of Bloor’s, now the talents master. Hypnotist. He is descended from Borlath, who was a cruel tyrant.
  2. Naren Bloor: Naren is the adopted daughter of Bartholomew Bloor, who is the son of Ezekiel Bloor, the father of Dr. (Harold) Bloor, and the grandfather of Manfred Bloor. She lives in the wilderness outside the city. Her endowment is sending shadow messages.
  3. Charlie Bone: the hero of the story. a picture traveler. His father Lyell vanished when he was 2 years old and he lived with his mother Amy and his grandmothers Maisie and Griselda and great uncle Paton until he started hearing voices in pictures and paintings. He is descended from Amoret through his father and Mathonwy (a wizard) through his mother.
  4. Idith & Inez Branko: Telekinetic distant cousins of Zelda Dobinski, who was descended from a line of telekinetic people; she left Bloor’s in Charlie Bone & the Invisible Boy and went to university.
  5. Dagbert Endless: the son of Lord Grimwald, who was a drowner. Dagbert too is a drowner; he is descended from Petrello.
  6. Fidelio Gunn: Fidelio was Charlie’s first friend when he was sent to Bloor’s. He is not descended from the Red King, but he is a talented violinist.
  7. Dorcas Loom: A girl who has the power to bewitch clothes. Learned her talent from Venetia Yewbeam.
  8. Asa Pike: Shapeshifter. He once worked from the Bloors until he turned good in Charlie Bone & the Hidden Kingand helped Charlie find and rescue his father. He is descended from Cafall.
  9. Billy Raven: an orphan boy who is a ward of the Bloors. talks to animals. His mysterious connections to the Bloor family will be explained in Charlie Bone & the Red Knight. He is descended from Borlath and Amadis.
  10. Lysander Sage: one of Charlie’s friends; can summon his spiritual ancestors. He helps Charlie whenever he can and doesn’t stand for any wickedness. His father is a judge. He is descended from African sages.
  11. Gabriel Silk: one of Charlie’s friends; can sense scenes and emotions through other people’s clothes. As a result, he cannot wear hand-me-downs. His family once owned the Red King’s cape. He is descended from Guanhamara.
  12. Joshua Tilpin: Magnetic (meaning anything and everything can stick to him) and he can also bend people’s minds to his will. He is descended from Lilith and her husband, Count Harken Badlock.
  13. Tancred Torsson: one of Charlie’s friends. He can bring about storms. He can be hot-tempered at times, but is a good friend to Charlie. Emma has a crush on him. He is descended from Petrello, who can control the weather and bring storms.
  14. Emma Tolly: one of Charlie’s friends. She can fly. She had been hypnotized by Manfred when she was 2 years old and lived with a foster family until Charlie rescued her and she went to live with her aunt, Julia Ingledew, who runs Ingledew’s Bookstore. She is descended from Tolemo.
  15. Olivia Vertigo: another of Charlie’s friends. Illusionist, yet the Bloors know nothing of her endowment. She is in theater, which means she wears colored wigs and strange clothes, but is a good friend of Charlie and helps whenever she can. Her mother is a famous actress. She is also descended from Guanhamara.

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