Charlie Snaps

Charlie was getting sick and tired of all the singing that was taking place. At one point, during the middle of a random song, he yelled out, “WILL YOU CLAM UP??? NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOU!!!” at some random student. Manfred was informed and now Charlie was sitting in his office.

Manfred said, “Now what do you have against Miss Yarwood?”

Charlie said, “Her singing sucks! Plus, no normal girl would dare sing about diamonds and make up and pretty things! That’s not cool!”

Manfred said, “Well, Charlie, guess that meant you shouldn’t have said you hated High School Musical in the first place, but you just had to say that, didn’t you?”

At the moment Manfred said “musical,” random music turned on. And he began to sing…

(Manfred’s song) Oh don’t give me any of your crap, Charlie Bone, about how normal girls should act, you’re a child of the Red King, that means you’re better than those “normal” kids. Why are you wasting your time trying to be nice to them? You should use your powers to intimidate them and put them in their place. Stop wasting your time fighing for the greater good, because to me the greater good is nothing but crap.

Just look at the famous old Harry Potter, he’s the idiot who brought into that crap, but now he’s married to some mary-sue and had three horrifically misnamed children, please don’t be like him!

Charlie: Manfred, what are you talking about?

Manfred: (still singing) So anyway, know your place, or else I’ll have to beat it into you, and pray that it doesn’t come to that!

Ezekiel came in and said, “Listen to him, Charlie Bone. He is right in what he says. Be a child of the Red King, not a normal little boy without a care in the world.” Charlie frowned and left the room, determined to get rid of the musical curse that was destroying the school.


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