Olivia Gets Angry

Vertigo (Olivia Lewis song)

Vertigo (Olivia Lewis song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Within a few hours, after Charlie and his friends were forced to endure endless acts of random singing, the purple bus pulled into the parking lot. “What happened, Liv?” cried Emma.

“You’re not gonna believe it,” said Olivia, “but it was all Norton‘s fault!” Everyone gasped. “He kicked some dog into the streets, causing one of the worst traffic accidents in the entire history of Freadwardbobertmc’hammerhimesmitopolis!”

“And is the dog ok?” cried Tancred.

“Not a scratch on it,” said Olivia. “But I have blisters on my feet because we had to walk 3 bloody miles! I’m so mad at that I could just sing!”

Olivia’s song:

I’m so mad I can kick down the gates grab Manfred by his neck and choke him to death! I’m so mad I could toss that evil old grandfather of his out of his wheelchair and on his butt! I’m so mad right now I feel like turning around and heading straight home and suing the school! So Dr. Bloor you’d better stay outta my way or else…you’re gonna get kicked!!!

At that, Manfred said, “Hey, that’s not very nice! It’s not even my fault your bus was in one of the worst accidents in the city’s history.”

“Yes it is,” said Olivia. “You sent Norton to cause the accident, making me VERY late to school! I ought to tear you to pieces for that!”

Manfred was about to respond when Dr. Bloor showed up. He said, “Hmmm, so it’s the work of that Efron boy, wasn’t it? To cause an accident and make the kids from theater late? Well, Miss Vertigo, I’ll have you know that you can’t sue the school just because you’re late.”

“You must have not heard her, sir,” said Gabriel. “She’s on a short deck. She’s bound to push you off.”

“In that case, Manfred and I will have to watch our backs, won’t we, Manfred?” said Dr. Bloor.

“Of course,” said Manfred. “Now, unless you are a child of the Red King, I suggest you get to your dorm now!” Fidelio waved goodbye and walked off. “And as for the rest of you…”

Very soon, the kids were all in the King’s Room, all looking glum. Joshua said, “Hey guys, let’s turn those frowns upside down! I’m going to sing!”

“JOSHUA, SHUT UP!” Charlie barked. “We don’t have time for your crap!”

“You’re mean, Charlie!” Joshua said. Then he ran out the room crying.

Everyone else burst out laughing. “Nice one, Charlie,” said Lysander.

“Thanks,” said Charlie. “But I don’t think the day’s done yet. We’ll be forced to sing yet again.”

And little did he know that they would all be forced to sing…


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