On the Way to School They Sing

High School Musical

High School Musical (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charlie left the house and got on the bus. He sat with Fidelio and Gabriel. They too had random incidents of singing. Charlie said, “Why on earth did we ever watch that stupid High School Musical?

At that, everyone gasped. A song was coming on…

The song:

We’re heading back to school, oh yeah, where we have to learn useless stuff, uh-huh! Why the heck did they build a school where we have to stay at for five days of the week!

Who cares about those Bloors, to me, they’re nothing but silly jerks, and what’s up with those “Children of the Red King“?

They say that everyone one of us is connected, I just don’t see that at all; who cares if we all have talents in the arts, sports and technology is where the good stuff’s at!

But for now, we must go to school!

The song ended the moment the bus pulled up at Bloor‘s gates. Already there was Lysander, Tancred, Billy, and Emma. Charlie said to them, “Was there any singing on your bus as well?” They all nodded.

Emma said, “We’ll end that evil curse yet!”

Fidelio said, “But where’s Olivia?”


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