The Singing Begins!

So the next day, Charlie woke up, ready to begin another day. The school was cleaned up and all things HSM were tossed into the trash. “I’ll never think about that stupid High School Musical again!”


Poor Charlie had yet to realize that every time someone mentioned the word *musical*, everyone must drop everything and sing. And so he had to sing.

Charlie’s song: Tra-la-la-la-la, I’m Charlie Bone, a normal little boy without a care in the world! Or at least that’s what I was, until I started hearing voices. And they came from pictures. And then I get shipped to Bloor‘s with other people just like me, it’s quite boing, as you can see, and I wish I were nothing more than just plain Charlie Bone, a normal little boy without a care in the world!

Griselda walked in and said, “Charlie Bone, is that you singing?”

“But grandma,” said Charlie. “I’ve been cursed to sing whenever someone says the word musical…”

Griselda’s song: Oh for that grandson of mine, I wish he were as divine as most grandchildren are, and that’s not too much to ask. (Maisie joins in)

Maisie: But Griselda, you must open your eyes and see, that Charlie’s just a good boy, it’s not our fault about all the things he gets into…

Griselda: Maisie, what are you talking about? This is your grandson too! He is, after all, a proper Yewbeam

Maisie: Now that’s just only part of who he is, you forget I come from a powerful family as well

Griselda: And that is just that as well…(Paton comes in)


Charlie said, “But Uncle Paton, they can’t help it! We’ve been cursed to sing whenever someone says the word musical…”

Paton’s song: You mean we have to sing whenever someone says the word musical?

Charlie: Yup.

Griselda: Or else we’re all doomed to a life of ignorance and crap and endless comparisons to Harry Potter.

Paton: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Griselda. But anyway…(sings) It’s not easy being me, I break lightbulbs, hip hip hooray! What kind of talent is that, one that causes trouble, I tell you what. It took my mother from me. It took my sisters from me. I can’t even sit in a normal classroom for fear that the lightbulbs would explode.

Charlie: But if it weren’t for your talent, you never would have met Miss Ingledew…

Maisie: Charlie’s right, Paton, now that woman is a woman with her head on her shoulders

Griselda: And her nose in a book

Paton: Well, at least I can use this to my advantage; the Bloors are not gonna know what the hell hit them, one day I’ll marry her…

Griselda: NOOOO!!!

Charlie: YES!!!

Paton: and give those Bloors their comeuppance…(Amy walks in)

Amy said, “Did I hear singing?”

“Well, if you call THAT singing,” Griselda snapped.

“Let me know when you all make it to Carnegie Hall,” Amy laughed as she went off to make breakfast.


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