Things Go From Bad to Worse

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street...

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next day, Charlie woke up and said to himself don’t say musical, don’t talk about musicals, don’t even THINK of the word musical. He got out of bed, showered, and got dressed, reminding himself to not even think of any muscials at all.

But he was in big trouble because the moment he walked into his first class, a girl said, “Have you ever seen Sweeney Todd?”

“Yeah,” said her friend. “Johnny Depp can sing!”

“Wasn’t it one of the best musicals ever?” cried some random boy.

Charlie screamed, “Idiots! Don’t you know whenever you say the word musical, everyone has to sing? Now we all have to sing and I don’t feel like singing!”

“But I do!” Robbie yelled as he walked in.

Robbie’s song: Oh don’t none of you give me that crap about me setting things on fire, that kind of crap is as stupid as Deathly Hallows. I may not be handsome like Edward Cullen, but he’s got nothing on me! Check me out, I’m Robbie Lee!

So shut your mouths about me, I’m not that kind of guy who tried to control his sister, but she betrayed him in the end. It’s very true y’all; I’m Robbie Lee!

Why don’t you look at me, ye who are of parent-living, why can’t you be more like me? I may not have parents, but at least my hair is clean, better than living with a bookish aunt or hobnobbing with some creepy old man…(record comes to a screeching halt)

Emma: Hey, that’s insulting!

Billy: Who are you to say stuff like that?

Robbie: Who, me? I’m Robbie Lee! (sings) And if you were wise and know this to be true, I’m Robbie Lee, and your stuck being YOU!

“That’s enough singing!” cried Charlie. “And to be perfectly honest, your song SUCKS!”

“Says the boy with the weird haircut; your mom doesn’t know how to take care of you! Not fun without your father, right?” Robbie mocked.

Charlie glared at him, wanting to punch that annoying boy across his face. But instead, he responded with a song:

Charlie’s song: I don’t know who you think you are, but you better watch your back. I know people, big name people, and they’re gonna kick your butt!

Dr. Saltweather said, “Ok, that’s enough, kids. We have to get ready for the…oh, right. I said we have a big show to present at the end of May, so we better get straight to work.” He looked at Charlie and said, “And you’ll be singing since I heard that wonderful little song you just sang.” Everyone clapped him on his back. Charlie knew he was in trouble now…


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