Molly’s Song

The rest of the week was filled with nothing more than just random singing, so much that Dr. Saltweather had to call off the musical that the kids were supposed to be preparing for, meaning that the musical they were to be performing would never be performed. Dr. Bloor was not very happy.

He announced at dinner, “And due to the excessive singing that has been happening recently, we are cancelling the musical that was to be performed at Christmas.” A chorus of groans followed the announcement.

“And I suppose we have to find someone to thank for that,” Manfred snapped.

“Yeah!” yelled Robbie. “Dumb old Zac Efron! It’s all his fault! He has a big ego!”

“Just because High School Musical happens to be popular in America doesn’t mean WE have to like him!” yelled Dorcas.

And as the children protested, little Molly sat in a corner in her wheelchair, knitting away. No one seemed to notice the little girl who knitted constantly with a large group of dolls by her side. But Molly sighed, she knew that things were not going well for everyone and because she hadn’t said a word, no one would listen to her.

But she knew she had something to say…

(Molly’s song)

Most people think I’m not a real girl, that I’m just a living doll. They say that I haven’t spoken a word, that I’ll never amount to anything…

But what they don’t know is that I have the power to make my voice be heard; even if my mouth doesn’t move, I have ways of making myself be heard. I’m just a small girl living in a big word, I’m trying my best to get by; I‘m a sad little girl in a happy world, and I can’t even cry…

Ezekiel yelled out, “Right you children! Stop it! We go back to our dorms now! Tomorrow, you go home and we try to solve this problem!”

As everyone left the assembly hall, Charlie said, “I thought I heard singing.”

“You’re imagining things,” said Olivia. “Everyone knows little Molly doesn’t talk.”

But Molly was being wheeled away and she heard what Olivia had said. She thought to herself I’ll show them all right. I can talk and sing. I will prove it to them!


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