About My Characters

<(Note: I only use these characters in Harry Potter and Charlie Bone fanfiction)

Stolen off my fanfiction profile

  1. Robert (Robbie) Evans: Robbie is Harry’s cousin; he was orphaned when a fire burned down his home and killed his parents, Carlyle and Mary (Lewis) Evans. He and his siblings Marie Louise (Louise), Felix, David, and Matilda (Molly) Evans were sent to live at Bloor‘s.
  2. Addie Caldwell: Addie is a normal girl from Glascow, Scotland when her parents, Bryant and Addie, move her and her stepbrother Trenton, to the city. Addie’s love of everything normal clashes with everyone else’s perception of normal, which means people with endowments are considered normal and she (being unendowed and not descended from the Red King) is not.
  3. Michael Shawson: Michael is an orphaned boy who hates normal people and children with parents. He is a ward of the Bloors, who don’t know who his family is or if he’s even a descendant of the Red King.
  4. Jenner Du Bois: Jenner and his twin, Maurice, are the nephews and adopted sons of Maurice Du Bois, who takes in the Evans siblings after their parents’ deaths. They are related to Jonathan Trichenberg.
  5. Trenton Chettenberg: Trenton is Addie’s stepbrother and he is endowed while she is not. He and his twin, Trevor, were seperated when their parents divorced. Trevor, however, is on the bad team and Trenton tries to get him back.
  6. Alyssa DeRagonez: Alyssa is one of the first friends Addie made when she began attending Bloor’s. She is a descendant of the Red King but isn’t endowed. Her older brothers and sister are.
  7. Suzella Schmitt: Suzella, or Suzee, is another of Addie’s friends. Like Addie, she is not endowed nor a Child of the Red King although she is talented.

(more about them and the others in later posts)


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