Tell Me a Story: Send Out Satellites


Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manfred Bloor was no fan of science fiction. In fact, while most kids were reading the latest sci-fi books, he would go around intimidating them. But luckily, the students of Bloor’s had two solutions to this particular problem: Charlie Bone and Billy Raven.

Now, Charlie and Billy were not super geniuses at all. In fact, they were a couple of boys who loved to cause trouble for Manfred. A few days ago, they had Rickroll’d him. Now this time, the two boys had another prank up their sleeves.

So that night, while everyone else was asleep, the boys snuck out of bed and went to the art room, where they proceeded to build a rather large spaceship and paint it a weird color. Then they raided a room in the theater and turned it into a space setting.

The next day, the students all woke up to the entire school being made over into an outer space setting. Also, Manfred frowned when he woke up and discovered that his Hello Kitty collection had been replaced with everything Star Trek.

He grew mad and yelled, “Charlie Bone and Billy Raven, I want your butts over here NOW!”

Charlie and Billy approached Manfred, giggling like hyenas. He said to them, “What is the meaning of this?”

“It’s only Star Trek,” said Charlie.

“Really,” said Billy. “Star Trek is so cool; it’ll beat the pants off your Hello Kitty crap any day of the week!”


The boys frowned, but then Ezekiel laughed and said, “Yay! Finally, we get to see the Star Trekkers!” To Manfred, he said, “Did you know that our school was chosen for the big Star Trek Convention? Now we wait for the many fans who will come here all wearing Star Trek costumes and fun things will happen!”

Manfred yelled, “Did you two not hear what I just said?”

“Manfred Bloor!” yelled Ezekiel. “Let the boys have their fun! You used to like Star Trek too!”

“I did not!” yelled Manfred.

“He did?” cried Billy.

Yes,” said Ezekiel. He showed them a costume that Manfred had once worn a long time ago, which was a Star Trek costume.

“Uuuuggghhhh, grandpa!” cried Manfred. “Put that back!”

“No!” yelled Ezekiel. “You will wear the costume!” He laughed as he made Manfred put the costume on.

Well, to make a long story short, the school played host to the Star Trek convention. Many people showed up in Star Trek costumes, but Charlie and Billy didn’t wear any costumes at all. Instead, they secretly dressed in Harry Potter costumes.

Manfred complained to his father about the school makeover, but Dr. Bloor brushed aside his complaints. After all, he had set up the whole thing. Manfred was not a very happy camper that day and everyone made fun of his costume. He wondered aloud, “Why can’t I have a normal family for once in my life???”

And as for Charlie and Billy, they were counting down the days until Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince came out in theaters.

And that my friends is another story.

This story is now done.


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