Tell Me A Story: NEVER Let Asa Mock the La Push Wolves!

The werewolf pack in The Twilight Saga: Eclips...

The werewolf pack in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. From left to right: Paul, Embry, Jacob, Sam, Jared, Quil, and Leah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a video of Asa mocking the La Push Wolves being leaked onto the internet, Jacob saw the video and he got angry. So did the other wolves. They resolved to teach Asa a lesson about mocking them.

Charlie and Billy’s video about them jumping off a bridge because they were inadequate compared to the vampires won first place in the Twilight film contest held on YouTube.

Anyway, Asa and Manfred laughed as they plotted to mock the wolves when Jacob and several others showed up. The room grew tense. Jacob said, ” I hear you like making fun of me.”

“Well,” said Asa, “you turn into a wolf and you like to run around without a shirt on.”

“That’s not good enough,” said Embry.

“You shouldn’t be mocking us,” said Quil.

“But seriously, guys,” said Asa. “You shouldn’t be running around without a shirt on. That’s not cool. Plus, being shirtless was so last year; this year, girls like guys who keep their shirts on…”

The wolves grew angry. Manfred said to Asa, “Well, don’t you think you’re getting ahead of yourself?”

Asa said, “I think they need to chillax…”

“We’re not gonna chillax, or whatever you rotten brats call it,” Embry snapped. “You’re mocking us and that’s mean.”

“And besides,” said Quil, “you can only turn into a beast at night. We can turn into wolves anytime.” And to prove his point, he became a wolf in front of everyone.

Billy and Charlie gasped and said, “Well, that’s it. We’re hanging out with them.”

“But why?” Asa cried out.

“Because they’re cooler than you,” said Charlie, “and besides, they can become wolves whenever they want.”

“And you can’t,” said Billy. You can only become a best at night.”

“And no more mocking us,” said Jacob. “Let’s go, boys.” And they walked out the door with Charlie and Billy following them.

Asa was humiliated and he didn’t leave his dorm for several days. Manfred had decided to ban ANYTHING having to do with the Wolves, only to back down when 30% of the students threatened to walk away from Bloor‘s and protest.

And Ezekiel cried because Charlie and Billy weren’t there to read him Eclipse.

And that is another story.


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