Tell Me A Story: NEVER Let Manfred Watch "New Moon" the Movie

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After that rather disturbing incident, Charlie and Billy swore to get revenge on Manfred for humiliating them.

Unfortunately, it also happened to be the night when New Moon the movie was being released in theaters.

Charlie frowned; he and Billy had been coerced into going to the movies with Maisie after cleverly dodging Grizelda’s attempts to make them go to the movies with her and her sisters. But now Charlie was in line with Billy and Maisie, and about 100 other girls and their mothers, all waiting to see New Moon.

I’m gonna make Manfred pay for this, Charlie thought to himself as Maisie brought their tickets and snacks and made them take their seats. Luckily, they were away from the Yewbeams, who were in the front row.

“Now what shall we do?” asked Billy.

“I say let’s give Manfred what he deserves,” said Charlie.

“Exactly!” said Billy.

Manfred had no idea that the boys had played a trick on him until he and Asa went to the theater and found themselves surrounded by scores of cheering girls and women.

“What is this crap?!” Manfred yelled.

“Uh, it looks like we’ve been tricked into seeing “New Moon” by Charlie and Billy,” said Asa.

“WHAT???” Manfred roared in anger. And it just happened to be the part where Edward was fighting Demetri in Volterra. “CHARLIE BONE & BILLY RAVEN, I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO PULL, BUT YOU’RE GOING TO BE PAYING FOR THIS!!!”

“SHUT UP!” screamed an angry girl who just happened to be sitting behind him. “I’m trying to watch the movie!”

“Sorry,” said Asa. “It’s just that he got tricked into watching the movie.”

“Asa?” Manfred snapped. “We have some boys to punish!”

After the movie ended, the theater emptied out and Charlie and Billy were the last few people. So were Manfred and Asa. Manfred said to them, “So, you thought you could trick me into watching New Moon.”

“That’s for making us read Twilight to your stupid old grandpa!” Charlie snapped in anger.

“So, Asa and I decided that you will be forced to read New Moon to Ezekiel as punishment for this trick,” said Manfred.

Let’s just say Charlie and Billy were not very happy with this arrangement.

Manfred and Asa were seen differently when everyone in Bloor‘s found out that they had seen New Moon. And Ezekiel was very happy to have the book read to him courtesy of Charlie and Billy.

And some wolves from La Push were not very happy with Asa and they vowed to teach him a lesson in mocking them.

And that is a different story.


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