8 Charlie Bone-themed Halloween costumes

Bulgarian costume from northern region. Photo ...

Image via Wikipedia

For Halloween this year, instead of dressing in super lame costumes, why don’t we try these costumes instead:

  1. Manfred’s Star Trek costume: like he was forced to wear in “Send Out Satellites
  2. Asa’s La Push cut-off jeans; which he wore when he mocked Jacob Black
  3. anything worn by Olivia Vertigo
  4. Ezekiel’s Hello Kitty Pajamas, which he wore on a number of occasions
  5. The Red Knight Costume
  6. The Flames costume (you and two of your friends are the Flames)
  7. Charlie’s costume he wore in “Charlie Bone & the Mysterious Students” (which Molly gave him to help him escape); description of costume: This is a long-sleeved shirt of sapphire cotton covered with diamonds. With it is a tawny brocade armband.
  8. Billy’s wizard costume he wore in “A Charlie Bone Story

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