My Wizard Can Beat Up Your Wizard!

Well, here’s another way of looking at the comparisons between Harry PotterCharlie Bone

  1. Charlie: attends Bloors Academy; Harry: attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
  2. Charlie & Harry both live with disagreeable relatives
  3. Charlie’s father, Lyell, disappeared when Charlie was 2 years old; Harry’s parents James and Lily were killed by Lord Voldemort when Harry was a baby.
  4. Charlie & Harry are both part of some prophecy.
  5. Charlie’s friends are other endowed people while Harry’s friends are wizards.
  6. Charlie’s uncle Paton sides with him, and Harry can’t get any of his relatives to see the light of anything (unless you count that one time Petunia tried to help him…but that’s another story).
  7. Charlie, unfortunately, hasn’t had a girlfriend yet; Ginny has been after Harry for several years now.
  8. Charlie is Manfred’s distant cousin; he’d be envying Harry, who (THANK GOODNESS!) isn’t related to the Dark Lord at all.
  9. Harry lives in the wizarding world while Charlie lives in an ordinary world.
  10. Charlie was suspossed to have a 5-book series (but the author changed it to 8 due to their popuarity); but Harry has already ended his 7-book run on a high note, or did it?

So now you know…or do you?


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