The Midnight for Charlie Bone Mockup

Charlie: (looking at the picture of Mr. Tolly and Emma) Is there a man here?
Maisie: Only you, Charlie.
Paton: Hey, what about me?

Venetia: It’s ok, Charlie; just look at the picture.
Charlie: Ok. (looks at picture)
Voice 1: I think I’m being spied on.
Voice 2: You’re sure, Holly?
Voice 1: Of course I’m sure, Artemis Fowl! Don’t I know a spy when I see one?
Voice 3: Hey guys, check this out: (Shows them a YouTube video)
Voice 4: Mulch, if you listen really hard, you can just about make out the sound of NOBODY GIVING A HOOT!!!
Lucretia: Care to tell us what you heard?
Charlie: Uhhh you don’t wanna know; it’s too weird!

Fidelio:Hey Charlie, instead of practicing the piano, let’s watch YouTube videos and learn how to play themes from TV shows.
Charlie: Ok!

Manfred: Look at me!
Charlie: You’re ugly!
Manfred: Ouch! That hurts!

Julia: Thanks for giving me that picture.
Charlie: You’re very welcome.
Julia: And one more thing…
Charlie: Yes?
Julia: Do you know any single men out there who loves books?
Charlie: Yeah, there’s my uncle, Paton Yewbeam.
Julia: Thanks!

Charlie: I can’t believe I got detention, and on the first day no less!
Olivia: That’s all right! We can go spy on the Bloors!
Billy: Good idea! (They all go spy on the Bloors)
Dr. Bloor: Have you hidden the present?
Manfred: Yeah. She’ll never know what we’re getting her for Christmas: it’s a limited edition Hedwig bookend!
Dr. Bloor: I heard you had to rip off 3 people just to get it.
Manfred: That I did.
Charlie: He’s not a bully; he’s a con artist!!

Paton: So let me get this straight: you heard Mr. Tolly’s tapes?
Charlie: Yeah.
Paton: And what did they say?
Charlie: They said that when his wife died Dr. Bloor offered to step in and help him raise Emma but Matthew McGuire beat him to it.
Paton: And…
Charlie: My dad saw it happening and he tried to stop him but Matt pushed him into a wall and he lost him memory.
Paton: Oh that bastard!
Charlie: I have more: Then Ezekiel tried to zap him with his home made wand but Emily zapped him first and that’s why he’s crippled for life.
Paton: I don’t believe this! What is this world coming to, when wizards steal children right from under the noses of their own parents?!

Emilia: You said you have something to tell me.
Charlie: I have. And you’re Emma Tolly, not Emilia Moon.
Emma: WHAT???!!!
Lysander: Ooooooohhhh!!!
Charlie: Yeah. You were kidnapped by the McGuires and given to the Moon family.
Emma: Why would they do something like that?
Olivia: Because they’re evil.
Emma: Yeah. Thought so.

Emma: I’m not Emilia Moon, I’m Emma Tolly!
Manfred: Of course you are. I mean, who did those idiots think they are, placing you with that terrible family? (someone spills soda on Manfred’s Hello Kitty pajamas) Aaarrrgggghhhh!!! You just spilled soda on my Hello Kitty pajamas!
Disembodied voice: Sorry!!!
Manfred: Do that one more time and no jam for a week!

Julia: Thank you for bringing her back, Paton.
Paton: Are you serious? I’ve been wanting to do that for some time now. Now I’m going to off those McGuires.

Griselda: So, you were just trying to help a friend, weren’t you?
Charlie: Uh yeah?
Eustacia: Well I knew that someone has enough sense to destroy what the McGuires have done. Here, have this cloak. Your old one came from the McGuires.
Charlie: Gee thankies! (he takes the cloak and leaves)
Venetia: Idiots! You just gave him the wrong cloak!
Lucretia: What do you mean?
Venetia: The sticking cloak was meant for Matthew!

Charlie: Stay with me Billy, OK?
Billy: OK. (they walk a few ways. just then, Charlie’s cloak is stuck to the wall.)
Charlie: Oh no!
Fidelio: Charlie, you all right?
Charlie: My cloak’s stuck to the wall!
Gabriel: I’ll get help! (he goes to find Tancred and Lysander)
Charlie: I should have known I picked up the wrong cloak!
Asa: (in beast form) Yeah, you stupid boy! You shouldn’t have picked up the wrong cloak. Now I’m gonna mess you up!
Tancred: Not if we mess you up first! (sends a huge wind that sends Asa and Zelda flying)
Lysander: (grabs Charlie’s cloak and rips it off the wall) You OK, Charlie?
Charlie: Yeah. (his cape is torn to shreds) Now let’s get outta here!

Emma: I can’t believe that it was just yesterday that I was living with a terrible family and now I have my aunt back. Never again will it be said that aunts are cruel. Blast you, J.K. Rowling!!!!
Paton: Let’s hear it for Charlie!
Everyone: Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!
Amy: Are you ok, Charlie?
Charlie: No mom. I’m actually quite upset.
Amy: Why?
Charlie: Mom, what did Matthew McGuire do with my dad?


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