Charlie Bone Book Review #3

Charlie Bone & the Invisible Boy by Jenny Nimmo

Intro: Read the last 2 books? Good for you! You get to read book #3!


Charlie Bone is nothing more than a normal little boy without a care in the world…until he (once again) gets involved in another scheme! When a beautiful girl named Belle Donner shows up at Bloor‘s, bad things happen. A boy is found to be invisible due to a snake’s spell. A teacher must find his missing brother. And all the while, an evil old witch is trying to prevent the Children of the Red King from succeeding. Charlie must outsmart the Bloors and set things right.

My review: Another great book! You’d be stupid not to read it!

My recommendation: for those of you who are looking to recover from Harry Potter, this is your book.

My rating: ****


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