New Story!

Charlie Bone & the Time Twister

Charlie Bone & the Time Twister (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Last year, you all laughed at the “Old Traditional Story“. The year before, you all dropped your jaws at Ezekiel dancing around in a Speedo. And now, the writer of these stories is about to do it…again!

another lame, useless story by Claire Violet Thorpe
for those who think Charlie Bone is like Harry Potter


Well, you think after surviving the “Old Traditional Story” that Charlie and his friends would simply just enjoy living in Bloor‘s. But somehow, after a huge event, Charlie has decided that this is the last straw and he takes off with the other good endowed. And when the good endowed disappear, then bad things happen.

And also, some new students enroll and they cause trouble for everyone in Bloor’s.

So Manfred must convince Charlie to come back to Bloor’s. But with his bad-boyness, will Charlie listen to him? Or will he say no to Bloor’s and stay where he is?

In a while, I’ll kick off this story. Watch for it!


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