Charlie Bone Book Review #6

Charlie Bone & the Red Knight

Charlie Bone & the Red Knight (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Charlie Bone & the Beast by Jenny Nimmo

Intro: Hooray! Nimmo has given us a sequel! I say we all go read it!


After rescuing his father, Charlie felt like he deserved a break. Not if the Bloors have a say in this. When his parents go on a well-deserved vacation, Charlie must deal with a new and perhaps dangerous student whose powers could mean certain death. Also he is dragged into a scheme to find and rescue Asa Pike, the werebeast who is being held hostage by the Bloors. Charlie must somehow rescue Asa and try to keep the peace and hold everything together until his parents return.

My review: Another wonderful book. I mean, don’t you wish Charlie Bone could keep going?

My recommendation: Anyone looking to recover from Harry Potter should read this book.

My rating: ****


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