Harry Potter Meets Charlie Bone

Eragon (film)Image via Wikipedia

in which two boys meet. Let’s say the meeting doesn’t go off too well…

(Harry is upset after his last few meetings end in disaster. Charlie Bone seees him)

Charlie: Hey Harry, are you all right?

Harry: No, Charlie. My life sucks, nobody likes me, and all my fans are abandoning me. What am I doing wrong???

Charlie: Well, for starters, you might want to get new glasses and a better haircut.

Emma: And divorce Ginny and give your kids better names.

Olivia: And find you another job.

Harry: Dang! You guys are even nicer than Eragon.

Fidelio: Who?

Olivia: The Dragon Rider.

Emma: Oh yeah! He’s the one who is supposed to take down the the evil king.

Charlie: And his story is so much better than that Star Wars. What an old school epic failure!!!

Harry: What????

Charlie: Well, Harry, I’m hearing rumors that your story has been classified as an “epic fail“.

Harry: But why?

Olivia: Your story has been called “cliched“, “terrible“, “pathetic“, “insult to the fantasy genre“, and even “full of witchcraft“.

Fidelio: Sorry, Harry, but I think you’re better off joining us.

Harry: Like how? Everyone thinks that your story is a rip-off of mine.

Charlie: It’s not.

Harry: Yeah. I know. Now I’m leaving to go sulk about how everyone hates me.

Charlie: (watching Harry leave) I don’t know about this, guys. He’s really taking a beating since his story ended.

Olivia: What are you talking about? As soon as our movie comes out, it’ll pwn all his crappy films!!!

(Well, let’s just say that as soon as Charlie Bone’s movie comes out, it’ll have some stiff competition from the Hunger Games and City of Bones)
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