Charlie Bone Tabloids: Charlie Bone Rescued!

Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Last night, a group of old vampires led by Dr. Carlisle Cullen stormed the Death Eaters‘s fortress and rescued Charlie Bone, who was kidnapped a few days ago by mentioned evil wizards. The Dark Lord Voldemort and many of his Death Eaters were all slain in the process and several did survive and their exact location is unknown at the time of this writing.


Dr. Cullen checked over Charlie Bone and seeing that he was unhurt, took the boy home to his relieved family. Maisie Jones, grandmother of Charlie, says that she is grateful to the group of vampires who risked their immortal lives and saved her grandson.


But all is not over with Charlie Bone just yet; as his family must now face the Bloors and the Freadwardbobertmc’hammerhimesmitpolis Post is now being sued by Alice Liddell for failing to mention her adventures in Wonderland. Will someone please tell her that the Freadwardbobertmc’hammerhimesmitpolis Post is supposed to talk about all things Charlie Bone and not about other books?


We, the writers at the Freadwardbobertmc’hammerhimesmitpolis Post urge you to stay tuned as breaking news about the lawsuit will surely continue to pour out.



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