Charlie Bone Gossip Generator

Generator Land: Charlie Bone Gossip

Yesterday, I created another Charlie Bone-themed generator; and this time, it deals with Charlie Bone gossip.

Partly inspired by the amount of gossip I wrote about Charlie Bone, I thought maybe we could make up some stuff about the characters in Charlie Bone and see where that’ll take us.

Some examples of the shocking things you will find here…

  • Idith Branko and Joshua Tilpin spied on a sports athlete on May 27
  • Julia Ingledew and Amy Jones-Bone mocked a celebrity on May 7
  • Venetia Yewbeam-Shellhorn and Usher de Grey vandalized a building on April 17
  • Gabriel Silk and Fidelio Gunn were seen in rehab on January 14
  • Emma Tolly and Dorcas Loom mocked an author on September 3

So there’s some things that I came up with in less than five minutes. It’ll also be in the Charlie Bone’s generators page so you can easily find it.

So there you have it. I’ll have another Charlie Bone-themed generator up soon!


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