Totally Tween: Don’t bury Charlie Bone!

Totally Tween: Don’t bury Charlie Bone!

Charlie Bone Cosplay Poster

Charlie Bone Cosplay Poster (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

I forgot I had this in my bookmarks; I bookmarked it one day when I found the article in a blog.

Basically, it’s an article about how and why Charlie Bone is often pushed aside by more popular books like Harry Potter and Twilight. Don’t just think that Charlie Bone is a rip-off of Harry Potter, because it’s not.

Harry Potter lives in a magical world, but Charlie is more of a superhero, in which he has an endowment that enables to travel through photos and paintings. I bet that’ll be a lot safer than just waving a flimsy wooden stick around and shouting chants that don’t appear to make any sense.

The article then says that it is a very sad thing that Charlie Bone gets pushed aside and it wants people to read something other than Harry Potter.

So why don’t we give poor, neglected Charlie Bone a chance, OK?

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