The Red King’s Children (nicked from The Unofficial Charlie Bone Fan Site)

When the Red King showed up from Africa, he married Berenice, the daughter of a Spanish knight from Toledo, Spain and they had 10 children. The Red King was also a powerful magician and each of his children inherited his powers.

  1. Amadis: The Red King’s eldest child. A kind man who had the gift of communicating with animals. Descendants: Billy Raven
  2. Guanhamara: The Red King’s eldest daughter. A Witch. Descendants: Gabriel Silk and Olivia Vertigo
  3. Borlath: The Red King’s third child. He was a cruel tyrant with pyrokinetic powers. Descendants: Manfred Bloor, Charlie Bone, and Billy Raven
  4. Carfal: The Red King’s fourth child. He married a Meromal woman and their child had the powers to become a beast at night. Descendants: Asa Pike
  5. Lilith: The Red King’s fifth child. She was rumored to have magnetic powers. Married Count Harken. Descendants: Joshua Tilpin
  6. Petrello: The Red King’s sixth child. He had the power to control the oceans and the weather. Descendants: Dagbert Endless and Tancred Torsson
  7. Olga: The Red King’s seventh child; almost nothing is known of her powers. Her descendants may include Zelda Dobinski and Inez & Idith Branko.
  8. Tolemo: The Red King’s eighth child, whose powers may include summoning ghosts and transforming into animals. Descendants: Lysander Sage and Emma Tolly
  9. Wyborn: The Red King’s ninth child and youngest son. His powers and descendants are unknown.
  10. Amoret: The Red King’s tenth and last child. Her mother, Berenice, died 10 days after her birth and she was separated from the rest of her family. She later married Otus Yewbeam and began the Yewbeam dynasty. Descendants: Manfred Bloor and Charlie Bone

Note: When the Red King’s wife Queen Berenice died and he went to mourn her death, Borlath seized control of the castle where the family lived and along with Carfal, Lilith, Olga, and Wyborn, terrorized the country and its people. Amadis, Guanhamara, Petrello, Tolemo, and Amoret (who refused to be like their cruel siblings) fled from the castle and were lost forever. The Red King then took on a form of a tree and waited over 1,000 years for his lost children to return to him.


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