Harry Potter Charlie Bone Face Off Again

The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter

The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Master Of Literature: Harry Potter: You are no longer King of fantasy. Your spot has been taken by Charlie Bone who is in Forks where he is very close friends with Bella Swan.

Harry Potter: WHAT? I’ve been taken over by that idiotic, stuck-up boy who wouldn’t know talent if it smacked him in the face? This is an outrage! Hmm…me and my good friend Hermione will give that stupid, prejudiced Freadwardbobertmc’hammerhimesmitpolis Post something to report about…just you wait!

Jacob Black: Listen up you self-absorbed brat, you lost a lot of fans when you married your friend Ron‘s stalker sister instead of Hermione in that final book, and it was a freaking letdown at that. So why don’t you just shut up and live your life and let Charlie Bone become the star he’s always meant to be?

Charlie Bone: I’m so sick of you trying to think, you airheaded wizard. I’ve got cool ancestors unlike you! Ok? And my good friend Jacob Black knows that Ginny is nothing but a (pretty)…...big pain in the neck! I’m fine with my girlfriend Livvy anyway.

Harry Potter: Why, how dare you offend my beautiful Ginny? This is the last straw! Mark my words, Bone, you and your silly, posy girlfriend are going to pay dearly for taking my hard earned place! I had to conquer my enemies using my talent and wit, and what did you do? Just got in trouble a few times and luckily got saved by your so-called friends! THIS IS WAR!


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