Harry Potter Gets OWNED by Charlie Bone

Charlie Bone: Harry Potter sucks.

Harry Potter: I don’t suck! I’m the coolest wizard ever!!! You’re just a pathetic little boy!

Bella Swan: You liar! You cheat, you hurt people, and you’re not even nice to poor Snape! P.S. you’re an idiot!

Edward Cullen: And besides, you let me die in “Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire”!

Cho Chang: Harry, how could you!!! And as for you, Cedric, you left me for HER???

Edward Cullen: No, Cho. I’m Edward Cullen. Cedric is dead.

Charlie Bone: And besides, Harry, I so OWN you! You’re just a stupid boy with ugly glasses who waves a flimsy wooden stick shouting lame words and I’m the coolest guy around!

Harry Potter: Oh shut your trap, Charlie! You’re nothing more than a poor imitation of me! I’m Harry Potter, the greatest fictional character who ever lived! I have great friends, I go to a cool school, and I got to fight a dark wizard! What do you do? You have crappy powers, lame friends, and the headmaster is your cousin! No wonder why your story isn’t as popular as mine! And they can’t even make slash pairings out of you and your friends like they do mine! And also, I got to marry a girl who likes me and…

Charlie Bone: Guess what, Harry? In the end of your series, Deathly Hallows is crappy and filled with unnecessary deaths, you grow up and marry some Mary-Sue, and have 3 pathetically misnamed children! But at the end of my series, I’m still 12 and I get to go to the best school in the world and I still have my parents! But you don’t! So who’s the poor imitation of who now?

Emmett Cullen: Dang you suck, Harry! Charlie Bone ROCKS!!!

Cho Chang: You say anything for kicks, eh, Emmett?

Kanye West: Yeah, Harry Potter, you think you all dat and a bag of chips, but when last I checked, Gandalf was the best wizard ever!!

Bella Swan: Kanye, you’re so mean!!!

Harry Potter: You don’t mean that! You’re a bad person!

Emmett Cullen: Awwww, can I get you some ice for that BURN???

Edward Cullen: Emmett, that was uncalled for.


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