Movie Characters discuss The Children of the Red King/Charlie Bone Series

Charlie Bone & the Shadow

Charlie Bone & the Shadow (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

OK, here’s Jacquel Spartan, Karema Smittand, and Derrick Virgil and they’re here to talk about your favorite books!

And this week, they’re discussing…the Children of the Red King/Charlie Bone Series.

Jacquel Spartan: When I first heard of Charlie Bone, I thought it was just another Harry Potter rip off. Not until I actually started reading the books that I realized that Charlie was nothing like Harry at all. First off, the books aren’t repetitive, which is a good thing. Next, Charlie fights a manipulative headmaster instead of bowing to his demands. And lastly, Charlie not only relies on himself, but his friends are also in on the plot, and none of them are anything like Ron and Hermione. I give this book 2 thumbs up for its fresh and original wit.

Well, Jacquel certainly DOES know what she’s talking about! Now we shall hear from Karema, the almost-pagan pacifist with a review that’ll blow you away…

Karema Smittand: Well, I’m with Jacquel on this one. Charlie Bone is not as good as Twilight, but it’s much better than Harry Potter. I do hope they make this into a movie so that everyone will enjoy it and it’ll knock Harry Potter off the list of best-sellers. 

Now that we have heard from a pagan and her opinion about the books, we go to a Christian for his take on the Children of the Red King/Charlie Bone Series.

Derrick Virgil: What can I say about the books? I’m not sure, as I’ve never read the books; in fact, I make it a point to read only Christian novels and not fantasy, as fantasy is not of God. But judging from what Jacquel and Karema are saying about the books, if they love it, then it must be a good book.

Now that you have heard the honest opinions of the Movie Characters on the Children of the Red King/Charlie Bone Series, we can honestly say that this is a book that needs to be more popular than Harry Potter, which sells disappointment and failure. Next week, we’ll be hearing their reviews on Artemis Fowl.


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