Charlie Bone & the Return of the Boa

Charlie Bone & the Hidden King

Charlie Bone & the Hidden King (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

The Blue Boa returns seeking Charlie’s help.

Charlie Bone is now 14 years old and still at Bloor’s. Having rescued his father Lyell from the Bloor family two years before, Charlie still considers himself to be quite…lucky.

But things have gotten worse in the war between the endowed and the Shadow, which began in Charlie Bone & the Hidden King. People distrust one another, bad things happen, and Charlie isn’t so sure if he can trust any of his friends. And to make matters worse, the Blue Boa begs him to hide him from the Shadow, who could use him to do very bad things.

The antics of Manfred Bloor, Olivia Vertigo, Asa Pike, Dagbert Endless, Billy Raven, and the Evans siblings are nothing more than icing on the cake as Charlie tries to remain neutral in this devastating war…

I may write this story on FanFiction.Net or Wattpad, but this story WILL be written on this blog first!


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