Charlie Bone Cosplay Poster

Charlie Bone Cosplay Poster (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Well, you think after surviving the “Old Traditional Story” that Charlie Bone and his friends would simply just enjoy living in Bloor’s. But somehow, after a huge event, Charlie has decided that this is the last straw and he takes off with the other good endowed. And when the good endowed disappear, then bad things happen.

And also, some new students enroll and they cause trouble for everyone in Bloor’s.

So Manfred Bloor must convince Charlie to come back to Bloor’s. But with his bad-boyness, will Charlie listen to him? Or will he say no to Bloor’s and stay where he is?

Or we’ll have a short synopsis: A few months after “Old Traditional Story“, Charlie is still trying to find his missing father, Lyell. He thinks he may have found him when rumors of a mysterious man being spotted lurking around Bloor’s. Lyell was last spotted at midnight 10 years earlier.

He claims that the Bloors tried to destroy his family and gets into a fight with Dr. Bloor and Ezekiel. He then leaves the school. Emma, Olivia, Gabriel, Fidelio, Lysander, and Tancred go with him. Billy Raven also goes with Charlie as well.

They wind up back at Hogwarts and things have changed, but the changes are NOT good. Harry Potter has become quite arrogant and has taken over the school. Jacquel is found locked in the astronomy tower after defying Harry’s orders regarding Snape. Charlie and the others rescue her and reunite with the Twilight gang.

Harry finds out about Jacquel’s rescue and chases after the Children of the Red King. They are taken to Camp Half-Blood, where they befriend Percy Jackson and Chiron protects them. And Manfred is still looking for Charlie and trying to apologize to him for his behavior.

And the Children of the Red King must fight Harry Potter. But somebody in the group could die in the process…

In a while, I’ll kick off this story. Watch for it!


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