Charlie Bone VS Twilight part II: Charlie in Twilight

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Charlie Bone frowned as he packed his bags; he did not want to stay in London a second longer. His mother, Amy, had gotten married to a man named Hark Noble, and to give her some space, he was moving to Trilinocway to stay with his father, Lyell.

“Charlie, are you sure you don’t want to stay here?” Amy asked him.

“No mom,” said Charlie. “I need to be with dad. And besides, you got a new husband, why do you need me for?”

And with that, Charlie boarded the train and left London.

Lyell Bone was waiting for him at the Trilinocway train station. It had been nearly 14 years since his now former wife Amy Jones took Charlie and her mother and skipped town, saying she wanted nothing to do with his odd family. Griselda, Lyell’s mother, was very upset at the prospect of never seeing her grandson, and she pushed a man named Jason Ruderford to marry her youngest sister, Venetia Yewbeam. His family lived at the edge of town.

Charlie laughed as he jumped off the train and went to his father. “I see you made it,” said Lyell as he hugged his son. “How’s Amy and Maisie?”

“Mom got a new husband and Maisie’s being her usual self,” said Charlie.

“I see,” Lyell said as he and Charlie got into his truck and drove home.

(And so begins the messed-up Charlie Bone/Twilight mashup)


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