Charlie Bone in the "Hello Kitty" Incident

Sanrio Shop in Madrid, Spain with the Hello Ki...

Sanrio Shop in Madrid, Spain with the Hello Kitty character outline as the entryway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manfred Bloor had a huge “Hello Kitty” collection. In fact, his whole room was stacked with “Hello Kitty” stuff from top to bottom.

But no one knew that.

Until one day, Ezekiel wheeled himself into Manfred’s room looking for a marble that had gone missing. He laughed when he saw Manfred’s “Hello Kitty” collection. He spent hours in Manfred’s playing with all his stuffed animals and playing cards and reading Manfred’s magazines.

Manfred saw his grandfather in his room and shooed him out. But Ezekiel was already planning to expose Manfred for the weird kid he was.

So that’s what led to that rather infamous incident in “The Old Traditional Story“:

(boring music. everyone is at Bloor’s)

Dr. Bloor: Hello, and welcome to Bloor’s Academy of Fine Arts. (applause) And here, I expect you to conduct yourselves as becoming of a fine arts student…

Manfred: BORING!

Ezekiel: Shut up, Manfred!

Manfred: Why don’t YOU?

Dr. Bloor: That’s enough, you two! And now, we will have the singing portion of our show. (Charlie and Billy walk to the stage and begin to sing)

Charlie & Billy: Oh I went down south just to get away from it all but somehow they whisked us away to the ball, we met pretty girls, but wizards carried us away, and they wouldn’t let us go! (applause)

Ezekiel: Me next! Me next! I wanna sing “The Spell of Love“!

Manfred: You nicked that from Potter Puppet Pals, didn’t you?

Ezekiel: Shut up, Manfred! I will sing! (music starts) Without the spell of love, the world would fall apart! You don’t need a wand when you have magic in your heart! All your other organs are useless pieces of flab, my friend, when compared to the spell of love! With love you can sing of the joy that it can bring, with love you can fly on a rainbow in the sky, with love you can dance without any pants on…(Ezekiel pulls his clothes off and is wearing Hello Kitty pajamas. record comes to a screeching halt. kids scream)

Manfred: Ugh! Grandpa, those are my Hello Kitty pajamas! Grrrrr!

Ezekiel needs to see Dr. Phil.


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