Of Bones & Campbells (A Charlie Bone Fanfiction Story)

Charlie Bone & the Castle of Mirrors

Image by claireviolet82 via Flickr

in which very distant American cousins of Charlie Bone show up and Charlie must solve a mystery regarding them.

Between “Castle of Mirrors” and “The Hidden King“, Charlie Bone is 11 years old and things are just settling down in Bloor’s when 5 orphaned young American cousins come to visit him. Cara, Chandra, Carissa Ann, Christina, Crystal, and Conrad Campbell are the children of Clay and Ophelia (Bowman) Campbell; Ophelia is related to Yorath Bloor through her mother, Velma, who is Yorath’s niece.

Charlie suspects something is up when it is revealed that Christina, Crystal, and Conrad are endowed. Things heat up when Elise, Alina, and Owen Jones come to visit, and Alina has an endowment. And when the Campbells and Jones plot to lure Charlie back to America, Charlie’s friends must work together to save Charlie and expose the Campbell orphans for who they really are!


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