Harry Potter & the Children of the Red King 2

The sequel to the first story, which now has Harry being adopted by the Bloors and the war against Lord Voldemort gets worse.

Harry has now established himself in Bloor’s. He and Sirius are hiding out while Harry maintains his status as a Bloor’s student. Ernest is also there, and he makes his feelings for Harry known.

With an adoption, Harry is now free to live his life as normally as he can. Except for a vengeful Emily McGuire and Angelica, both of whom may want him dead for various reasons. Also, the Children of the Red King must deal with more students arriving at Bloor’s, some who have endowments that are quite dangerous and an enemy bent on destroying the Evans family.

In the wizarding world, however, things are going haywire since Harry Potter was reported dead and the Dark Lord attacks and destroys Wizarding England. Jacquel is forced to flee as a plot against her life is discovered. The Order of the Phoenix suffers a huge blow when Dumbledore‘s old crimes surface.

With new powers, new friends and a possible new love, Harry goes to take on the magical world of Charlie Bone!


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