Charlie Bone & the Mysterious Students

Here’s the thing: two years before “Harry Potter & the Children of the Red King”, Bloors takes in 5 mysterious students. Charlie Bone and Emma Tolly are placed in charge of 12-year-old Robbie, 10-year-old Louise, 6-year-old twins Felix and David, and 3-year-old Molly Lee. They were recently orphaned when a fire burned down their home and killed their parents, Hugh and Mara Lee.

Speaking of danger, Robbie has been coerced into a deal with a mysterious person and if he discusses his past with anyone, bad things would happen. But that doesn’t stop anyone from questioning him about his family. Even Manfred Bloor can see through Robbie’s lies. Louise, however, is determined to save her brother and reveal the truth about their past.

Charlie has an encounter with M. Du Bois, who is the Lees’ guardian, and he is captured and held prisoner in a dark castle. Emma witnesses the capture and alerts the others. Instead of Charlie rescuing someone, someone else has to rescue Charlie.

The next year, Dr. Bloor’s friends the McGuires take the Lees in. But this time, Robbie doesn’t trust them or their adopted daughter, Angelica. Upon their return to Bloor’s, the other children don’t like them because of what had happened to Charlie Bone. Charlie, Emma, and their friends try to protect Robbie and his siblings from the taunts as often as they can, but even then Robbie must reveal the truth about who he really is and why he is at Bloors.

And as the summer begins, things seem to get more dangerous for the children and with the arrival of a mysterious boy with a lightning bolt shaped scar on his head, the Lees and Charlie’s lives are going to be changed forever…


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