Charlie Bone & the Revenge of the Sorcerer

Charlie Bone & the Hidden KingImage by claireviolet82 via Flickr

Lyell Bone returns and gets revenge against the Bloors and Yewbeams.

After “Charlie Bone & The Hidden King”, Lyell finds out about the Bloors’ alliance with the Shadow and he plots revenge; it turns out that he is a powerful sorcerer. Also, he finds out about what had happened with Charlie and takes him out of Bloor‘s and eventually removing his entire family out of the city.

They settle in the little town of Stronghaven, Scotland, where Charlie befriends Heather Homam, Irwin Walters, and Taylor Bauer and attends a new school. But his old friends want him back and Olivia feels threatened by non-endowed (and normal) Heather. So they plot to get Charlie back to Bloor’s.

Meanwhile, the Shadow is plotting his revenge against Charlie and his friends for his defeat and wants to terrorize the city. The Bloor family falls apart when Manfred suddenly runs away. And the antics of other various characters is just the icing on the cake.

Can Charlie make the right choices? Will Lyell decide to take down the Shadow? And when will Ezekiel STOP wearing fuzzy pink pajamas? You’ll find out when you read this story.
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