Another Year, and Still No Charlie Bone Movie! (A Belated New Years Day Post)

As we enter the year 2011, we have to take a moment and realize what’s really important.

There is no Charlie Bone movie.

And I’m tired of all of this crap about Harry Potter being better than Charlie Bone because face it, Harry Potter is nothing more than a load of crap that never should have gotten all the hype that it did and I’m fairly certain that J. K. Rowling was off her game when she came up with that god-awful “crapilogue” and especially who she paired Harry with.

But enough about that; it’s Charlie Bone we should be focusing on right now, since this is a Charlie Bone themed blog and we must only talk about Charlie Bone on this blog.

And this year, I will be writing a fan script of Midnight for Charlie Bone on Scripted for Script Frenzy in April and then make sure that more Charlie bone fan fiction is written and published on FanFiction.Net because face it, people, we need more Charlie Bone and less Harry Potter.

That’s all I have to say on this matter; let the Charlie Bone fan fiction begin!


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