The Charlie Bone Press Article: Is This the next "Harry, Ron & Hermione"?

All credits to this: 
Well, the news is out that they’re trying to turn Charlie, Fidelio, and Olivia into a poor rendition of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. We all know that’s not true. We need to stop them in their tracks and help Charlie and his friends take back themselves!

And now for the article:

In a time where people are searching for a possible replacement for Harry Potter, there came a book that was all but ignored by most people. Which is widely known as the Children of the Red King series.

And in the series are three characters known as Charlie Bone, Fidelio Gunn, and Olivia Vertigo.

Since 2002, when the book “Midnight for Charlie Bone” came out, these three children were hailed by many readers as the new Harry, Ron, and Hermione. But there are some who are not impressed with this claim.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Dr. Bloor, headmaster of Bloor’s Academy, where Charlie, Fidelio, and Olivia attend. “The notion that those children could replace three pathetic hacks makes me sick to my stomach.”

Another resident said, “Charlie, Fidelio, and Olivia are in a class by themselves; they can’t compare to the Golden Trio at all.”

But the strongest critic of this new trio comes from anti-Harry Potter activist Deena Aldridge, who says, “This has got to be the most absurd thing ever. Calling Charlie, Fidelio, and Olivia the new Harry, Ron, and Hermione has got to be the most insulting thing I have ever heard of in all my years crusading against Harry Potter. The person who dare to compare three sweet children to those pathetic teenaged brats ought to be taken into a dark corner and taught a lesson.”

Will the comparisons between the Harry Potter books and the Charlie Bone books end here? At this time, Charlie, Fidelio, and Olivia have yet to reply to these crazy claims.


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