Charlie Bone VS Harry Potter

It’s the classic battle for the ages, in which Charlie Bone is pitted against Harry Potter.
Want my opinion?

I will say that Charlie Bone is written in a way that kids can understand and it’s very consistent throughout the series, unlike, Harry Potter, which appears to get worse as the books drag on and on… 

And we have the classic “my wizard can kick your wizard’s butt theme to worry about…
  • Charlie & Harry both live with disagreeable relatives 
  • Charlie’s father, Lyell, disappeared when he was 2 years old
  • Harry’s parents James and Lily were killed by Lord Voldemort when Harry was a baby. 
  • Charlie & Harry are both part of some prophecy. 
  • Charlie’s friends are other endowed people while Harry’s friends are wizards. 
  • Charlie’s uncle Paton sides with him, and Harry can’t get any of his relatives to see the light of anything. 
  • Charlie, unfortunately, hasn’t had a girlfriend yet; Ginny has been after Harry for several years now. 
  • Charlie is Manfred‘s distant cousin; he’d be envying Harry, who (THANK GOODNESS!) isn’t related to the Dark Lord at all. 
  • Harry lives in the wizarding world while Charlie lives in an ordinary world. 
  • Charlie was supposed to have a 5-book series (but the author changed it to 8 due to their popularity); but Harry has already ended his 7-book run on a high note, or did it?
And another thing: 
  1. Harry is simply a wizard and as far as things go, he goes to a wizard school and live sin the wizarding world. Charlie, however, has only one strange endowment and goes to a school that takes in endowed children and the school is located in a strange city with a mysterious history… 
  2. Most of Charlie’s relatives are magic and downright evil. Harry’s relatives despise anything magic. 
  3. Harry’s best friends are Ron and Hermione, but Charlie’s friends are Lysander, Tancred, Gabriel, Emma, Olivia and sometimes Billy. 
  4. Harry end up marrying his best friend’s sister (BIG MISTAKE!). I can’t say the same for Charlie. 
  5. Harry is in no way related to Lord Voldemort at all and Charlie is related to his arch-nemesis, Manfred Bloor
  6. Well, Harry’s story is more of knights in wizarding robes and Charlie is more of a superhero than a wizard. 
  7. Harry had spent several years of his life being chased after by Ron’s sister Ginny and Charlie doesn’t have a girlfriend. None of the kids in Charlie Bone are dating; they’re between the ages of 12-14! 
  8. Charlie’s father vanished off the face of the earth when he was just 2 years old, and Harry can only wish the same thing had happened to him. 
  9. Charlie has 8 books to his name while Harry recently ended his 7-book run.
You may find yourself being tempted to compare Charlie Bone to Harry Potter. PLEASE don’t; Charlie Bone and Harry Potter are NOT the same thing!! 

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