10 under-appreciated things about Charlie Bone

Charlie Bone has been shown to be the ignored second cousin of Harry Potter; in fact, many people have claimed that Charlie Bone is a blatant ripoff of Harry Potter. I, however, don’t agree with them and I know that Charlie Bone is a dynamic story which is easier to follow than Harry Potter.

And now for the Top Ten Under-appreciated Things about Charlie Bone:

  1. The books have an actual story that is easy to understand.
  2. The main character (Charlie Bone) is not an orphan.
  3. Charlie is not famous for defeating an evil wizard at a young age.
  4. Charlie is not afraid to stand up for what is good and right, even if it means he must face his cruel relatives.
  5. Charlie relies on his street smarts more than just his powers to save the day.
  6. Charlie doesn’t have to deal with young fangirls stalking him.
  7. When it comes to villains, Charlie can stand up to his family, who do nothing more than cause trouble for everyone!
  8. Charlie has more than two friends.
  9. The Charlie Bone books haven’t been around much to spawn pathetic ripoffs.
  10. And at the end of the story, Charlie finds his father.

Now that I have made my point, I say it’s time for us to let go of the Harry Potter series and embrace the Children of the Red King series.

I will now break your pitchforks and destroy your torches.

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