10 ballsy pranks involving the Children of the Red King that failed miserably

In Charlie Bone’s magical world, the Children of the Red King are known to pull some rather crazy pranks on each other. Here’s a short list of pranks they pulled so far…

  1. Charlie and Billy rickrolling Manfred
  2. Ezekiel appearing at a party wearing the Speedo swimsuit of some poor Olympic swimmer
  3. Ezekiel appearing at a school assembly wearing Manfred’s Hello Kitty pajamas
  4. Ezekiel appearing at a Star Trek convention wear a Star Trek-like costume and singing “Star Trekkin” by the Firm
  5. Sending the Children of the Red King to Hogwarts as exchange students
  6. Turning Bloor’s Academy into a poor rendition of “High School Musical.”
  7. Asa Pike and Remus Lupin and La Push wolves in a werewolf fight
  8. Ezekiel fighting Dumbledore
  9. Writing the final Charlie Bone book in the style of Deathly Hallows
  10. Bloors and Yewbeams facing Voldemort and his Death Eaters
And some honorary mentions:
  1. Gabriel getting Ron’s hand-me-downs
  2. Sending Manfred to Voldemort and making him join the Death Eaters.
  3. Sending Billy Raven to the Cullens and telling them to adopt him.
  4. Sending the Bloors and Yewbeams to Azkaban for their crimes
  5. Calling Dr. Phil to resolve any of the Bloor’s/Yewbeam’s conflicts
  6. Telling Charlie he’s related to Harry Potter through Mathonwy.
  7. Sending the Cullens to Bloors with the excuse being that their endowment is super human abilities, seeing the future, mindreading and moodchanging and shielding.
  8. Provoking the Volturi and blaming Manfred.
  9. Comparing the evil endowed to the Death Eaters and/or Volturi.

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