The 10 commandments of Charlie Bone

Welcome to the blog where you can read everything Charlie Bone related and stuff. We have some rules that you should remember as you explore the world of Charlie Bone:
  1. You cannot compare Charlie Bone to Harry Potter at all.
  2. You are not to compare Fidelio Gunn to Ron Weasley or Olivia Vertigo to Hermione Granger; that alone will earn you their wrath. 
  3. You are not to compare Manfred Bloor to Draco Malfoy, or the evil endowed to the Death Eaters, as this is both wrong and suicidal
  4. You are to remember that Charlie Bone is NOT a rip-off of Harry Potter.
  5. You are to honor Charlie Bone for even sharing his story with you. 
  6. You must not kill anyone, not even if they deserve to die. 
  7. You must not write Charlie/Manfred slashfics. 
  8. You shall not refer to Bloors as a shameful rip-off of Hogwarts
  9. You should not covet the Bloor, Yewbeam, Sage, Silk, Torrson, Tolly, Vertigo families, nor the people living in the family. 
  10. You should not call the Charlie Bone books “a rip-off of the Harry Potter series” and declare that Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows was the best book ever. Because it’s not.
Remember these rules and all shall be well.
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