New Charlie Bone Fanfiction Series

After “the Charlie Bone Mockups“, we now present to you a new story about Charlie Bone, his friends, and their new adventures in Bloor‘s Academy.

Strange Things Happen at Bone’s Academy

After the events of “Charlie Bone & the Red Knight“, Charlie Bone and his friends are just settling back down in the revamped Bone’s Academy. Now that the Shadow has been defeated and the bad endowed banned from the city, Charlie thinks he can now relax.

Not so fast.

There is still Manfred Bloor for him to deal with, plus there are also the return of several characters as well. Not to mention the arrival of three new students named Victoria O’Neil, Katelyn Gwen McKnight, and Claude Foster, who might or might not be endowed.

And there is a haunting legacy for Charlie to contend with.

This fan fiction is a planned trilogy that follows Charlie Bone as he begins the hard process of growing up and finding himself as well as uncover some family secrets that should have remained secret.

And before I forget, I have a picture of the new cast here:

from left to right: Manfred Bloor, Charlie Bone, Billy Raven, Olivia Vertigo, Emma Tolly, Tancred Torsson, Lysander Sage, Gabriel Silk, Fidelio Gunn, Dagbert Endless, Joshua Tilpin, Bindi Loom, Naren Bloor, Victoria O’Neil, Katelyn McKnight, and Claude Foster

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