Woo-hoo! Finally, a Charlie Bone movie is being made! Wait…it’s a fake news article :(

Cover of Midnight for Charlie Bone

Charlie Bone Movie to be filming next year

Stewart Kuhn, the director of “The Vampires Resurrected”, “Sensation Circus”, and “Stacy Galaxy” (all which flopped in theaters in the 1990’s) has decided to tackle on a near-impossible project, namely the project of filming a film adaptation of the Children of the Red King books.

The Children of the Red King series, despite being on the New York Times bestseller list for years, has been accused of being a Harry Potter lookalike. As a result, the books were banned from most libraries all over the U.S. Children everywhere were told to read Harry Potter and no other book. Stewart has decided that he would take on the task of bringing Charlie Bone’s story onto the big screen, starting with Midnight for Charlie Bone.

The movie release has been planned for December 23, 2012.

~from “The Green Hill Manor Mystery”


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