My Charlie Bone pledge:

I promise to remember Charlie Bone when someone uses a double negative.

To remember Amy Bone when someone takes off their wedding ring.

To remember Lyell Bone when someone gets lost.

To remember Maisie Jones when someone says they are freezing.

To remember Grizelda Bone when someone is afraid of animals.

To remember Lucretia Yewbeam when someone corrects double negatives.

To remember Eustacia Yewbeam when someone grows every single kind of plant.

To remember Venetia Shellhorn (Yewbeam) and Dorcas Loom when someone makes clothes.

To remember Miranda Shellhorn when someone has an annoying brother.

To remember Eric Shellhorn when I see a statue.

To remember Paton Yewbeam when I see a broken lightbulb.

To remember Henry and James Yewbeam when I see marbles.

To remember Fidelio Gunn when someone plays the violin.

To remember Olivia Vertigo when I see someone with purple hair.

To remember Emma Tolly when I see a drawing of a bird.

To remember Tancred Torsson when there is a storm.

To remember Lysander Sage when someone stands up to a bully.

To remember Gabriel Silk when I see gerbils.

To remember Una Onimous when someone pretends to be invisible.

To remember Mr and Mrs Onimous when I go to a cafe.

To remember Julia Ingledew when I go to a bookshop.

To remember Billy Raven when someone has a pet rat.

To remember Rembrandt if I ever see a talking rat.

To remember Blessed/Percy when I see (or smell) a smelly dog.

To remember Benjamin Brown when someone is being bullied.

To remember Runner Bean when I see a yellow dog.

To remember Mr and Mrs Brown when I watch a detective movie.

To remember Naren Bloor when I see a sunflower.

To remember Manfred Bloor when I see fire.

To remember Asa Pike when I hear a wolf.

To remember Inez and Idith Branko when I see porcelain dolls.

To remember Joshua Tilpin when someone is covered in litter and leaves.

To remember Zelda Dobinsky and Beth Strong when people are fighting over a pencil case.

To remember Dagbert Endless and his father when I see the sea.

To remember Count Badlock Harken when I see a shadow.

To remember The Red King when I see a red tree.

To remember Queen Berenice when I see a white horse.


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