Strange Things Happen at Bone Academy Chapter 1

Charlie Bone woke up back in his room. It had been at least several hours since the showdown with Harry Potter, and because of that, Manfred had lost his father and grandfather.

The other boy was in his room, still asleep, or sulking, as Charlie had seen him do the last few hours. Charlie didn’t blame him much.

He jumped out of bed and ran straight down to the kitchen. Everyone else was already there; the excitement over Lyell Bone’s return had yet to die down. Charlie was a bit surprised when Maisie shoved a plate piled high with food at him.

“You must be hungry after everything that has happened last night,” said Maisie. Charlie nodded. “And when that boy tried to attack you…”

Paton said, “I don’t think he wants to talk about that right now, don’t you, Charlie?”

Charlie said, “What’s to talk about? That kid is evil. There’s no doubt in my mind that he must be stopped. End of story.”

“But what about that strange girl?” said Amy. “That girl who showed up?”

Charlie said, “I’m not sure if we should trust her or not. After all, she *did* hang out with Harry and all…”

“Being careful is not in your vocabulary,” said Maisie, “but this is a first. You would mistrust someone you barely know?”

Charlie said, “I’m sure she’ll find a way to get back at me for what I did to him.”

Paton frowned. “I thought that we were supposed to lure her away from her friends,” he said.

“We did,” said Charlie. “Or rather, Tancred and Lysander did. But now that it’s all over, I think she’ll turn on us and try to destroy us for kidnapping her.”

Griselda walked into the room, saying, “Tell me this isn’t true. Is Charlie losing his nerve?”

“I still have my nerve, thank you very much,” Charlie shot back.

“I’m not convinced,” said Griselda as she stared at him.

Charlie said, “I do know of what happened last night; no need to convince me otherwise. But still…”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we reach it,” said Paton. They all looked up and saw Manfred Bloor staring at them. He had a mean look on his face. There was no need to talk to him at all.

Without a word, he plopped down in a chair and began eating. Charlie had over 100 things to say to him, but how does one go about giving out condolences to someone that they didn’t like? Especially since it concerned said person’s father?

Charlie stood up, made his excuses to everyone, and rushed upstairs. something told him that he should not be down here right now.


Jason Rutherford was on his way to Darkly Wynd. He had an appointment to keep. It this meeting succeeded, then he could go on with his plan. But there were two complications: one, would his children appreciate this new plan, and #2, what was he going to do about a certain young girl who suddenly showed up at his apartment last night?

Eustacia noticed him and said to him, “You’re just in time, Jason. We were getting worried that you might not show up at all. Vennie is most excited.”

“I’m sure she is,” said Jason. “After all, not just anyone is allowed to marry into the Yewbeam family.”

“Indeed,” said Lucretia. “Anyway, about the girl…”

“You know about her?” said Jason.

“We all do,” said Venetia. “After all, she had been spellbound for several years. How old is she now? 11? 12?”

“14,” said Jason even though the mystery girl was about 13 years old. “We don’t know what to do with her.”

“I think she should be sent to us,” said Lucretia. “If she is endowed, then we would be on hand to help guide her. No endowed child is allowed to run around in the city unchecked.”

“I see,” said Jason. “But there is the matter of your sister, Griselda. She does not accept me.”

“She will, once she has knowledge of the boy,” said Venetia as she leered at him. “You have my word.”

“Indeed,” said Eustacia. “But now there’s the manner of the school. The Bloors are no longer in charge, and Manfred is only 19. I figure that we take over.”

“A great idea,” said Jason. “You know, due to recent events, we’re going to have to keep a close eye on those endowed students. There’s no teling of what they might do.”

Lucretia smiled. Even though she wasn’t keep on the idea of this young man marrying her sister, he did share a lot of their views. There was a sister to find and a school to run. She had plans for the school.

And there might be one Charlie Bone who could easily undo all those plans.


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