Jacquel Rassenworth Does Charlie Bone!

In this story, Jacquel Rassenworth wakes up in a small room in an apartment building in Glasgow, Scotland. She discovers that she is now 14 years old and her name is Noemi Delaney. She lives with her Uncle Simon and Aunt Gina and her parents are dead. Noemi is given a scholarship to attend Bone Academy.

When she gets to the school, she discovers that the city surrounding the school had seen much evil, evil that had not been driven out since the Shadow was killed in the battle that ended the evil endowed children’s reign of terror for good.

Noemi ends up meeting Charlie Bone and his friends. She eventually befriends Aimee Horn, Alec Reeves, Alyce Patterson, and Garrett Robles. Strange things seem to be happening and before long, all five friends are sucked into a mystery that they have no choice but to solve, and trouble is following them everywhere they go.

Can Noemi solve the mystery? Will she decide to stay at the academy or go back to being Jacquel Rassenworth?


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