March 15 Stories (Charlie Bone)

Panting Charlie

Panting Charlie (Photo credit: Seven Morris)

Here are some fanfiction stories centering on poor neglected Charlie Bone that were written on March 15:>

2006: Boneless @ Hogwarts; Charlie Bone leaves Bloor‘s and ends up at Hogwarts

2007: Still Boneless; Charlie is now involved in the wizarding war

2008: Boneless No More; Charlie has to protect his family from Lord Voldemort


  • In the future, Charlie’s son Michael is called to help Albus-Severus, Rose, Scorpius, Alice, and Jacques stop another Dark Lord. STORY: Bone-Breaker; Charlie’s son decide to attend Hogwarts
  • The Evans children describe a secret chapter in their lives BEFORE they met Harry Potter and Charlie Bone. STORY: The Calm Before the Storm; before Harry of Charlie, Robbie DID live a happy life.

2010: Michael Bone and his friends must deal with a strange new villain.


  • Colin and Silas Bone and their cousins Elva, Peter, and Giselle Yewbeam must face the ghost of Maddy Du Bois.
  • A year after “The Old Traditional Story”, Charlie and the others leave Bloor’s after a fight.
  • Molly Evans is now 13 years old and she must come to terms with her sad past.

2012: Charlie Bone and his friends lobby for a “Charlie Bone” movie

Well, since I’m in the process of writing the movie script for the Charlie Bone movie, this could be it for the fan fiction for a while.


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