Tell Me a Story: Charlie Bone Goes Bad (Part 3)

Charlie Bone & the Time Twister

Charlie Bone & the Time Twister (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

The following Monday, Charlie put his plan into motion. He trudged along the street wearing his blue cape and dragging his trunk behind him. He could not wait to try this bad boy experiment out on the school.

“Oh look! It’s little blue Charlie!” some kids laughed when they saw him. Usually, Charlie ignored the kids who made fun of him, but this time he was determined to make them stop. So he grabbed one of them by his collar and said, “So you think this is funny, right? What if I DIDN’T want to go to Bloor‘s? It’s not MY fault I’m dressed this way!”

“Oh, sorry about that, little BLUE riding hood!” the kids laughed. Charlie lunged at the biggest kid and smacked him across his face. His nose broke and he stared at Charlie with a shocked look in his face. The other kids grew scared and they ran off crying to their mothers.

“Yeah, run away and cry to your mothers, you patsies!” Charlie laughed as he grabbed his trunk and continued walking. Fidelio saw him as he took his usual seat on the bus. He said, “Wow, Charlie, you’ve certainly gone bad.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” said Charlie. “Those kids needed to learn their place. I bet their mommies are complaining to my grandma, but she’d put them all in their place. Someone needs to stop making fun of us Bloor’s students.”

Fidelio said, “Well, I can’t blame you there, Charlie. They think it’s cool to make fun of us. We’ll have to show them where they’re wrong soon enough.”

“I hope,” said Charlie.


When the blue bus pulled up at Bloor’s Academy and the kids stepped off, Emma took one look at Charlie and screamed her head off. “What have you done to yourself?” she cried out.

“What?” said Charlie.

“Your outfit,” Emma cried out, “it’s horrible!”

“Watch it, Emma,” Billy snapped as he approached them. “I taught him how to dress like that! So butt out if you know what’s good for you!”

Emma snapped, “I can’t believe you, Billy Raven! You were always the whiny orphan who wanted a family, but now you’re just a flat-out jerk! What has gotten into you?”

“The Bloors promised me a family,” said Billy, “but they didn’t deliver the goods! That makes me mad. So mad that I’m…going bad!” After pushing some kid to the ground and daring them to say something about it, he stormed through the music doors.

By that time, Olivia, Lysander, and Tancred made their way to the group. “Where’s Gabriel?” asked Emma.

“Yeah, Gabriel’s going to be a bit late,” said Lysander.

Manfred then approached the kids, saying, “Well well well, so I hear that Charlie Bone has gone bad. This amuses me. Don’t you know that it’s just an act to get attention, hmmm?”

“What do YOU know about being a bad boy?” Charlie snapped at him. “You’re just a stupid pansy because you have no mommy. Oh yeah, I just remembered: you HATE your mommy!” The others laughed and everyone else gasped.

Emma then added, “And you’re not a bad boy if you just hypnotize people and force them to do your dirty work! I only like bad boys who show attitude and don’t take crap from anyone!”

“And besides,” said Charlie, “you’re a despicable loser jerk anyway!”

Manfred stared at Charlie for a long time. No one could believe that Charlie had stood up to Manfred. Manfred said to him, “Ouch, that hurts!” before walking away.

“You got guts, Charlie,” said Tancred. “I’m surprised that he didn’t give you detention.”

“Oh don’t worry about that,” said Charlie. “I’ve got plenty more people to offend…”


Ezekiel frowned as he heard Manfred tell him that Charlie Bone had…gone bad. “So let me get this straight,” he said. “Charlie Bone insulted you, called you a patsy, and said mean things about your mother?” Manfred nodded. “This is not good! Charlie Bone does NOT go bad! Lucretia, we need to get this boy in line! We need to get him in line now!”

“Indeed,” said Lucretia. “I bet that Dorcas, Joshua, Dagbert, and the twins will be happy to help us. Charlie Bone is a loose cannon and if this keeps up, we could all be in trouble!”

“I hope I doesn’t come to that!” Ezekiel cried out.

Charlie sat in class, smiling as he thought about all the ways he could pay back the Bloor family for hurting him and his friends over the years. It was time for them to go down…


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