Tell Me a Story: Charlie Bone Goes Bad (Part 4)

Charlie knew that it was only a matter of time before Dr. Bloor summoned him to his office.

When he got there, Ezekiel and Lucretia were there as well. Manfred was still too stung by Charlie’s insults to even attend the meeting.

At length, Ezekiel said, “I heard that you have gone bad, Charlie Bone! This is unacceptable! And you also insulted Manfred! You hurt his feelings!”

“Why should I care?” Charlie snapped at him. “You’re just a mean old man whose main pleasure in life is to ruin the lives of other people! You deserved to have dad hit you over the head! You deserved to fall! You deserved to be maimed and crippled for life!”

“That’s not true, Charlie Bone!” Ezekiel cried out. “Why do you say these things?”

“Because you and your despicable family are nothing but a bunch of cruel people who would hurt people, kill people, and take away their children!” cried Charlie. “Well, someone’s got to put an end to that crap! You took my father away from me! You took Emma’s parents away from her! You won’t even let Billy have a family! You are all a bunch of horrible trolls, and if there is a God, I hope He has mercy on your souls!” He pushed Matron aside and stomped out of the room.

The adults stared at each other for a long time. Ezekiel said, “This is very bad! Charlie Bone has become…a monster!”

“And I bet that Paton Yewbeam will come here and let us have it, again,” said Dr. Bloor. “Lucretia, can’t you control your brother?”

“No,” said Lucretia. “But what are we to do about Charlie? He’s a loose cannon and that could be dangerous! What if he uses his endowment to incite terror into the school? There will be nothing but trouble for us if that happens!”

Charlie and Billy spent that day pushing aside students who dared look at them funny. Emma and the others grew worried about the boys. At lunch, she said, “Why are you like this?”

“I should have gone bad years ago,” said Charlie. “Why be good if being good is frowned upon? Especially by your own family? I’m going to give them the fright of a lifetime! And besides, Em, why don’t you go deal with the Bloors yourself? They took your father away from you. You should…go bad!”

Emma laughed as the others stared at her. “Are you suggesting that I should…go bad?” she said.

“Well, you have a good excuse,” Billy began, but Olivia shut him up.

“It’s already bad enough Charlie has decided to go bad, we can’t have anyone else going bad as well,” she said. That would be the least of her worries.


At homework time, the kids gathered into the King’s room. Charlie and Billy stood at the table, daring anyone to look at them funny. Olivia, Lysander, and Tancred took their seats and said nothing. The others glared at them all.

Suddenly, Emma stormed into the room. Anger was written all over her face. “Manfred Bloor?” She snapped. Manfred looked at her strangely. “I’m going to kill you!” she screamed. Manfred had but two seconds before Emma jumped him. She punched him and kicked him, screaming, “You ruined my life!”

“I what?” he cried out.

“You hypnotized me and Charlie’s father!” Emma yelled as she continued to slap Manfred across his face. “You took my father away from me and I can never get him back! You ruined my life!”

“OK, I’m sorry, Emma!” yelled Manfred. “But beating me up won’t bring him back!”

“No it won’t! But that’s what you deserve!” Emma snapped. She then took her seat.

Charlie said, “What happened?”

“I spoke to Dr. Bloor,” said Emma, “and he delivered the biggest lie of the century! I gave him and that Ezekiel what for!”

“What did you do to him?” Joshua piped in.

“Use your imagination, you magnetic freak!” Charlie snapped at him.


Ezekiel and Dr. Bloor were staring at the remains of Dr. Bloor’s office. Earlier, Emma had raided the room, demanding to know the truth about what had happened when she was 2 years old. When Ezekiel admitted the truth, she slapped him so hard he fell out of his wheelchair and then ransacked the office.

Dr. Bloor said, “I knew it was a matter of time before she…went bad.”

“This is bad!” Ezekiel cried out. “Emma Tolly has gone bad! Her aunt will have our heads!”

Matron said, “I can’t believe this! First Charlie, then that girl…I can’t imagine who would be the next person to…go bad!”

“We need to get those kids in line,” Dr. Bloor snapped. “But how?”

“They are out of control!” Ezekiel cried out. “We need help!”

“I do have an idea,” said Matron, “but whether or not it would work is still an issue.”

Charlie frowned as he prepared for bed that night. Being bad was hard work. But he still wasn’t done with the Bloors…


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