Tell Me a Story: Charlie Bone Goes Bad (Part 5)

Charlie Bone Cosplay Poster

Charlie Bone Cosplay Poster (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

By the time the next day rolled around, Bloor’s Academy was a scene from your worst nightmares. Charlie, Billy, and Emma were seen dressed in black and generally being a bully to anyone who dared to cross their path. Olivia, Tancred, Lysander, and Fidelio were all worried about them. But it wasn’t over yet.

At once, Charlie, Billy, and Emma were sitting in Dr. Bloor’s office after causing a ruckus during a school assembly. He said, “Out of all the shenanigans that you three have pulled, this takes the cake! You three will be having detention this weekend!”

“Why should we care?” Emma snapped. “It’s not like you can do anything about it; and besides, I could tell certain people certain things that you don’t want anyone to know…”

“Emma,” Billy snapped.

Charlie said, “Be careful, because you may think you own the school, I actually run it during the week. So I suggest you let us go or suffer the consequences.”

Ezekiel laughed and said, “Now you think you can just tell us what to do? I have half a mind to suspend all of you, but then again, that uncle of yours won’t be too pleased about that at all…”

“No, I won’t,” said Paton as he stormed into the office. “All day yesterday, I had to sit and hear my sister complain about Charlie’s misbehavior. You’re the reason why he’s like this!”

“What do you intend to do with him?” Ezekiel cried out.

“I’m taking him out of Bloor’s immediately,” said Paton. “He won’t be coming back here anymore.”

“You would dare!” Dr. Bloor snapped.

“I would,” said Paton. “And I’m also taking Emma back to her aunt and Billy gets to come with us. It seems like you can’t handle them at all. So now I’m going to be taking them to a decent school, where they will get the education that they deserve, and you can’t do anything about it.”


Meanwhile, Olivia, Lysander, and Tancred sat in the King’s Room, telling Gabriel what had happened with Charlie, Billy, and Emma. Gabriel said, “I bet it was Dorcas, the twins, Asa, Joshua, and Dagbert who got to them. Let’s teach them a lesson!”

So all four kids slipped out the room and came upon the others in Manfred’s office. “So I heard you got them to go bad, right?” said Lysander.

“Uhhhh,” Asa began.

“Don’t you dare weasel your way out of this!” Tancred snapped as he blew a strong wind at them, knocking them over. “You convinced them that it was a good idea to be bad!”

“So what if we did?” said Inez. “It wasn’t like Charlie was any use to you guys when he was good; in fact, he is better off evil.”

“You don’t know that!” Olivia cried out. “In fact, I bet he hurt all of you, right?”

“He was mean to me!” Joshua complained. “He degraded me and called me all sorts of bad names! He’s a horrible little monster!”

“Also, he got Billy and Emma to go bad!” cried Manfred. “We’ve got to make them be good again and end this nightmare!”

“Uh, let’s think about that for a second,” said Tancred. “No way! In fact, I like the new, bad Charlie! In fact, I too shall…go bad!” And with that, he blew a huge windstorm that left Manfred’s office in shambles.

“Aaaaahhhhhh!” Manfred screamed as he looked upon the remains of his office. “This can’t be happening!”

“I’ll go bad too!” cried Olivia. “I’m going to destroy your Hello Kitty room!”

“Not the Hello Kitty!” Manfred cried out in horror.

“Nobody is going bad!” Dr. Bloor said as he came into the room. “In fact, EVERYONE is getting detention for a month due to this! Now I want you all to clean up this room and go straight to the King’s Room so I can figure out your punishment.”


Within a few minutes, all the kids were assembled in the King’s Room. Charlie, Billy, and Emma were already there. Dr. Bloor said to them, “In all my years of being headmaster of Bloor’s Academy, I have never seen such terrible behavior from any of you! You should all be ashamed of yourselves, but that’s not why you’re all being punished.”

Paton said, “No matter what the outcome, Charlie’s not going back to Bloor’s after this!”

“You would rather let him run around unchecked in a regular school?” cried Matron. “Not on your life, Paton! All day yesterday I had to hear students complaining about Charlie’s misbehavior. The boy stays put!”

Dr. Bloor continued, “And I have been receiving many complaints from parents and children alike of you using your endowments on them. You are Children of the Red King, not one of those silly useless magicians! And for that, you will all be punished! For the next six months, you are all forbidden to use any of your endowments at all; this will be to teach you how to use them properly.”

Charlie and his friends gasped in shock; Children of the Red King they were, but never to use their endowments for six whole months? That was a nightmare that no one saw coming.

“Also, I want Charlie, Billy, and Emma brought back here tomorrow, in their uniforms,” Matron snapped as Paton took all three kids and headed out the door.


The next day, Charlie, Billy, and Emma joined their friends in the King’s Room. All three were wearing their uniforms and capes. Manfred smiled at the entire group of endowed children sitting before him and said, “Hello, kids, and welcome to the first day of the six months that you’ll spend functioning as a “normal” child…”

Charlie cried out, “Nooooooo!”

The end.


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