What if Jacquel Romanov Went to Bloor’s?

Jacquel in Charlie Bone

Jacquel in Charlie Bone (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Since they’re giving the Mary-Sue/heroine Jacquel Romanov a makeover, we’re going to show you what would happen if Jacquel Romanov was sent to Bloor‘s Academy instead of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry:

  1. She would be placed in a section that was either art, drama, or music. (which one would be hard for her to decide)
  2. She would be friends with Charlie Bone and his friends instead of meeting Harry Potter.
  3. She would be in a place that would be better suited for her.
  4. Plus, with a bit of spellcasting, she could join the endowed. (she only sides with the good endowed)
  5. Because she never befriended Harry, Ron, and Hermione, there would be no need for her to learn magic or hang out with them.
  6. Also, since she hangs out with the endowed instead of with wizards, she wouldn’t feel inferior to them.
  7. No pink clothes for her.
  8. She could win an argument against Manfred and Ezekiel Bloor.
  9. She would be nowhere near London during the Wizarding war.
  10. The Charlie Bone Series had no epilogue and Jacquel never saw the Harry Potter crapilogue, so there.

Well, maybe we should recreate a story about Jacquel at Bloor’s. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a new start for her.

Next week, we will begin a story about her adventures in Bloor’s Academy.


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